Bioherb - What is Liv-Herbal Formula?

Liv-Herbal Formula is made from a blend of all natural herbal extracts. Directions for preparation and dosage intake are on the product label.

For most severe cases where the patient is hospitalized due to liver problem, one 80g jar when taken in three doses per day, will be enough for 16 days. In mild cases (two doses a day) one jar will last for a month. After recovery patient may not need to take it on regular basis. If the cause of liver disease is Hepatitis B or C viruses, Autoimmune Disease or Alcohol, in that case 3 to 4 maintenance doses per week is highly recommended.

Since 2002, Liv-Herbal Formula has been helping patients with different forms of liver diseases in many countries.

It reduces the viral load by up to 98 to 99% (duration varies from case to case depending on the initial viral load). It has done the same in Interferon relapsed cases (Interferon relapsed cases are referred to patients who were treated with interferon injections and anti-viral drugs and viral load in the blood reduced to non-detectable level and after stopping the treatment, subsequent blood tests showed a significant increase in viral load).

  • It improves liver function, repairs liver damage and reduces and normalizes elevated liver enzymes.
  • It reduces liver necrosis, inflammation and fibrosis significantly
  • Increases the life span of individuals with liver Cirrhosis
  • Prolongs the life of individuals waiting for liver transplant
  • When kidneys fail or its function is impaired due to liver damage (low Albumin), this product helps the liver to increase Albumin synthesis and as a result brings kidney filtration rate to normal.
  • It improves portal vein hypertension and reduces chances of varices and bleeding.
  • Patients with Alcoholic liver, non-Alcoholic liver, Fatty liver and Autoimmune Disease of the liver immensely benefit from this product.
  • Liv-Herbal Formula can be taken as a preventive medicine for liver protection and general good health

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