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Recovery with our Cancer Treatment Program

Advanced stage of Metastatic Ovarian Cancer

43 years old female patient with history of Ovarian and Breast Cancer Recurrences

Summary before our treatment
Despite previous Surgery, Hysterectomy, Radiation, Hormonal and Chemotherapy, Cancer has spread beyond control and was told by her doctors that she has a very short time to live.


( ) indicates normal range
Note: Patient took our Cancer Treatment Program only for 3 months. As of 2009, we heard that patient is living a healthy life.

Advanced stage of Metastatic Ovarian Cancer
50 years old female patient with Ovarian Cancer recurrence after Surgery and Chemotherapy
Summary before our treatment
Nov 2000: Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer (Stage IIIb grade 2) and had Hysterectomy also had six cycles of Carboplatin and Taxol (Chemos).
Mar 2001: Tumor Marker CA-125 dropped to 11 u/ml (normal).
Aug 2002: CA-125 has increased to 35
Jan 2003: CA-125 has further increased to 91
Mar 2003: CA-125 further increased to 136. Doctors confirmed the cancer recurrence and proposed single agent chemotherapy with Carboplatin.
Aug 2003: Tumor is not responding to Carboplatin, recommended Caelyx once a month. Doctors say the benefits of treatment outweigh the side effects.
Nov 2003: Evidence of Cancer spreading in peritoneal area and Liver Haematoma with ascites. Deformity in the Liver and Pleural effusion detected.
Feb 2004: Seems to be responding to Topotecan Chemotherapy.
Apr 2004: Finally Doctors concluded no further Chemotherapy options as the side effects of the treatment far outweigh the benefits.
No treatment options were left from now on. Removing ascites (paracentesis) and pleural effusion was the only treatment offered in order to ease the discomfort of water accumulation.
Mar 2005: CA-125 increased to 392
After our treatment
April 2005: Started our Cancer Treatment Program.
May 19, 2005: Tumor Marker CA-125 reduced from 392 to 364.
Jun 9, 2005: CA-125 reduced to 223. Ascites and pleural effusions were also reduced
Jul 13, 2005: Biopsy of the Liver Cyst showed NO Tumor or Cancer
Jul 14, 2005: CA-125 reduced further to 162
Note: This patient took our treatment only for 4 months and recovered very significantly while every other treatment failed. Most Chemotherapies are designed to prolong life but our treatment can do the same when No chemo could be even administered.

Carcinoma of upper Vagina and Cervix

59 years old female patient with stage 2A Papillary Squamous Carcinoma of the Cervix
(Carcinoma of upper Vagina and Cervix)
Summary before our treatment
June – July 2005: 5 cycles of chemotherapy Cisplatin (56mg) was given.
July1 and 8, 2005: 2 doses of internal Radiation (Intracavitary Insertion) was given.
After our treatment
Aug 12, 2005: Started a month of our Cancer Treatment Program as precautionary and preventive measure. She was told that the other treatment is as palliative care and cancer could come back or spread to other areas.
Sep 21, 2005: Took our second month treatment. Her health improved significantly so stopped our treatment after 2 months.
Note: She is doing very well and every 6 months regular medical checkup is normal. She is living a normal life.

Advanced stage of Metastatic Prostate Cancer
60 years old patient with history of Prostate Adenocarcinoma

Comparative recovery with our Cancer Treatment Program


( ) indicates normal range
* bicalutamide is a non-steroidal anti-androgen. Eligard (Leuprolide acetate) is an LHRH (luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone) agonist.
Though the conventional therapy lowered PSA to normal, despite receiving Eligard injection every three months, PSA relapsed and increased to 205.77 It was our treatment that lowered PSA to 110 or may even have contributed to its further reduction to 90. With the advise of Oncologist patient opted for Docetaxel and after two and half months of treatment there was slight reduction in PSA or it may have been lapsed as PSA has increased from 85 to 88 ug/L as of Dec. 09.