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Recovery with our Cancer Treatment Program

Colon Cancer Recurrence
54 years old patient with Colon Cancer Recurrence after surgery and Chemotherapy

Jan. 2004:      Patient was told to go home as no treatment can work


(  )  indicates normal range            ND = Not Done
Feb. 2004: Started our Cancer Treatment program
July 2004: Doing great with fantastic health
Aug 30, 2004: Patient visited an Oncologist and was suggested 4 doses of combined chemotherapy and cure.
Sep 2004: Patient agreed to go for chemotherapy and our treatment was stopped. Unfortunately not 4 but 16 doses of chemotherapy did not work and patient died.

Metastatic Carcinoma of Colon spread to the Liver

71 years old patient with Colon Cancer spread to Liver
Patient received palliative chemotherapy FOLFIRI Protocol Oct. 2003 to March 2004
This protocol includes Irinotecan, Leucovorin and 5FU

Summary before our treatment: After chemotherapy patient was still weak and frail. Tumor Marker CEA reduced significantly from 150 in June 2003 to 7.8 in March 2004 but re-lapsed and increased to 19 in July 2004. At this point patient was too unwell to stand another chemo.

Patient started our treatment program in September 2004.


Chemotherapy was significant in reducing Tumor Marker but did not improve patient's health in general. Patient was sick and unwell even months after stopping chemotherapy.
Patient took our treatment only for 3 months (Sep. to Nov. 2004) and there was a great improvement in patient's quality of life and general health. Patient was in good health until January 2006 and by the end of Jan. 06 we heard that there was another re-lapse of Tumor Marker CEA.
Only those who know about Cancer treatment would appreciate the success of a treatment program that help a last stage cancer patient to live for 14 months with good health and quality. Some anti-Cancer drugs are approved based on claims that it prolongs the life of a dying patient by a few weeks. If that is the case then our treatment program is one of the best and yet the safest.

>Medullary Carcinoma of Thyroid gland
45 years old patient with history of Thyroid Cancer

Recovery with our Cancer Treatment Program and Radiation Therapy


Radiation therapy that was given after the first CT scan and biopsy report confirmation did not work. Total Thyroidectomy was done in Dec. 08 and histopathology report indicated Medullary Carcinoma of thyroid involving lymph nodes.
Bone Scan of Jan. 08 was a bad news but not a surprise. Cancer spread to other parts of the body. At this point patient came to us with pain, discomfort, and loss of normal voice (cancer effecting vocal cord).
First Feb. 2009 patient started our treatment and besides it in March 09, received 5 weeks of Radiation Therapy. Our treatment was stopped by the end of March.
As of Jan. 2010 patient is in good health.

Advanced stage of Kidney Cancer
74 years old patient with Left Renal Cell Carcinoma spread to Vertebra
Summary before our treatment
Jun 24, 2004: CT Scan
  • A 5.8 cm mass within the left Adrenal
  • Several enlarged left Paraaortic Lymph Nodes 1.3 cm
  • Metastasis present in L1 Vertebral body
  • A 1 cm metastasis in T11 vertebral body
  • July 2004: Patient is anemic with low hemoglobin, abnormalities in blood tests, low chloride and sodium and high urea and creatinine
    July 9, 2004: MRI report confirms the CT Scan findings. Keeping in mind the age and fragile health no treatment (Surgery, Radiation or Chemotherapy) was recommended. Patient was put on high doses of Morphine
    After our treatment
    Sep 7, 2004: Started our Cancer Treatment Program
    Oct 5, 2004: Stopped Morphine completely and recovering very well.
    Oct  2004 – June 2005: Continued with our treatment with great success and recovery.

    Lung Cancer
    84 years old patient with Lung Cancer
    Summary before our treatment
    Mar 30, 2004: CT scan shows 2 cm mass in keeping with a primary malignancy on the left lower lobe.
    May 27, 2004: Some calcified lymph nodes are evident in the right paratracheal area and in the right hilum. There are 6 calcified nodules and 3 non-calcified demonstrated in the right lung which could be due to earlier old granulomatous infection.
    Feb 9, 2005: A mass lesion seen at the left lung base. The findings are suspicious for lung Cancer with suspected 4R Lymphadenopathy
    Feb 16, 2005: CT scan, left lower lobe of the lung, the mass measures 2.4 x 2.5 cm
    Mar 3, 2005: Doctors suspect it could certainly be "Bronchogenic Malignancy but she clearly would not tolerate Chemotherapy. Radiation might be possible but the overall effect on her survival would likely be negligible. Therapeutic options are severely limited and it would be appropriate to simply leave well enough alone."
    After our treatment
    Sep 22, 2005: Within a month of our treatment the patient's health improved drastically and continued the treatment for 4 months then stopped. Lived a normal life till 2008 and died in 2008 due to a fall that caused brain injury.