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Recovery of Liver Cancer patients with our Cancer Treatment Program

Advanced stage of Liver Cancer
79 years old patient with Non-Small Cell Liver Carcinoma

liver cancer

( ) indicates normal range            ND = Not Done
Note: There was a 99 % reduction in Tumor Marker after 3 month of our treatment. Due to advanced stage and age factor, no other treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiation was offered to this patient.

Multifocal Hepatocellular Carcinoma
58 years old patient with Advanced stage of Liver Cancer

Recovery with our Cancer Treatment Program

liver cancer

Note: As of August 2008 patient was bedridden and did not have the strength to even walk. Just with one month of taking our Cancer Treatment Program the recovery was so amazing that this patient refused to go for biopsy or any other treatment and since Sep. 2008 he is in good health.

Advanced Cholangicarcinoma of Liver

46 years old patient with recurrent Cholangicarcinoma / Klatskin Tumor of Liver

Summary before out treatment
History: Cancerous Gallbladder was removed earlier
Apr. 2005: CT Scan Abdomen:
  • 9 mm and 4 mm nodules in the lung.
  • 2.2 cm soft tissue growth. Retroperitoneal lymph node 1 cm
  • Apr. 2005: Tumor affecting common Hepatic duct extending into secondary and third order branches
    Apr. 2005: CT Scan. Expert view that Tumor is not resectable.
    May 2005: Tumor Marker CA 19-9 is 83425 ku/L (normal range is less than 37) At this point one chemo was given and due to its side effects patient was hospitalized.
    Jun. 2005: Is very weak and got out of the hospital. Chemo was stopped. Tumor Marker has increased to 112640 ku/L despite the chemotherapy.
    After our treatment
    Jun. 2005: We took this case under our treatment.
    Jul. 2005: Great improvement only after one month of our treatment. Tumor Marker reduced from 112640 to 87200. A drop of 25440 ku/L (25%). Stopped our treatment and went for Photodynamic Therapy which did not work.