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Bio-Herb Remedies' Breakthrough for Systolic Heart Failure

After years of research, Bio-Herb Remedies has formulated a product that can significantly strengthen cardiac muscle.

Surviving a sudden major heart attack is a big challenge, however, continuing life after a heart attack is even more challenging. Those who have sustained major damage to their hearts will sooner or later become chronic heart failure patients and their survival will be dependent on medications for as long as they live. It is very likely that the damaged part of the heart can never recover and the remaining portion of the heart has to overwork to compensate for the rest of the heart, and as a result the overworked viable heart muscle will get increasingly weaker over time. The use of drugs can increase cardiac function but only by forcing the heart to beat more strongly, not by strengthening the heart muscle, and in the long term, drug therapy will be ineffective and a heart transplant will become the individual’s only option.

Chronic Heart Failure is a major health crisis that is affecting every nation, and Canada alone has 600,000 cases. In Canada, the estimated annual hospital admission cost alone is $11,000 per patient (Canadian Medical Association Journal Open, July 21, 2016 Vol. 4 no. 3 E365 – E370 ; This amounts to estimated $6.6 billion per year for the Canadian health care budget. Bio-Herb Heart Tonic has clinically shown to help increase ejection fraction (EF) by 20-25% and improve the quality of life of systolic heart failure patients while published research data indicates that the existing prescription medication increases the EF by 5-8% .

We are looking for an established pharmacutical company that would be interested in taking this formulation to the next level. Interested parties are welcome to contact us for more information.

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