Bioherb - Breast Cancer

Recovery of Breast Cancer patients with our Cancer Treatment Program

Recurrent Breast Cancer
59 years old female patient with massive Liver Metastases despite Taxotere and Capecitabine.

breast cancer

Note: Apr. 2004: Started our Cancer Treatment
Apr - Aug 2004: During the four months of our treatment and many more months after stopping it, patient was in very good health and continued to live a normal life till March 2005.
Mar 2005: Patient opted for one dose of chemotherapy (Novalbine) and that was it. She could not recover from its side effect.

Advanced stage of Breast Cancer

37 years old female patient with Metastatic Breast Cancer
Summary before our treatment
Feb 15, 2005: Despite TAMOXIFEN treatment Cancer is progressing. Tumor marker CA 15-3 has increased from 163 to 329. Taking Morphine 10 mg every 3 hours. Tumor size 7 x 6 cm. MRI shows cancer spread to bone.
Mar 1, 2005: Drs. Predictions are not good.
Mar 15, 2005: Taking whatever doctors can provide. Tumor size 6.5 x 6.5 cm.
Apr 26, 2005: Condition is deteriorating, Tumor increased to 8 x 6.5 cm. Morphine increased to 60 mg. Evidence of systemic progression.
After our treatment
Apr 22, 2005: We took this case under our treatment
May10, 2005: Her situation has improved. Improvement in her Tumor Marker.
Jun 7, 2005: Tumor mass reduced to 6.5 x 6.5 cm from previously 8.5 x 6.5 cm. Doctors say she is managing fairly well
Sep 8, 2005: Her situation is stable and gaining weight. Tumor mass remain as 6.5 x 6.5 cm
Nov 7, 2005: Tumor mass is 6.5 x 6.4 cm stable. Some sign of progression?
Mar 16, 2006: The last time a 30 days treatment package was taken and after that the patient did not report to us.

Metastatic advanced Breast Cancer

63 years old female with recurrence of Breast Cancer spread to other parts
Summary before our treatment
1991: Partial Mastectomy
Oct – Nov 2003: CT Scans and Ultrasound reports indicate recurrence of earlier Breast Cancer with multiple Metastatic Cancer lesions scattered throughout Right Femoral,Right and Left Ribs, Hemipelvis, Vertebral Column and Skull.
Oct.  2003: Bone lesion biopsy confirms Breast Cancer primary.
Nov. 2003: Right Breast Tumor measures 20 cm and left breast mass 5-6 cm. For years she was on Tomoxifine. Her health was deteriorating and due to frail health, no chemo, radiation or surgery was recommended.
Nov. 2003: Tumor Marker CA 15-3 has increased to 50 (normal 0-28 ku/L).
Dec. 2003: CA 15-3 increased to 62, patient is put on morphine
After our treatment
Jan. 2004: Started our Cancer treatment
Mar. 2004: CA 15-3 dropped to 50 from earlier 62. Improving very well.
Aug. 2004: Came back after a 6 months vacation.
Right breast Tumor is stable at 20 cm. Left breast mass increased to 7 cm. CA 15-3 has increased to 75. Started taking our treatment seriously
Mar. 2005: CA 15-3 dropped from 75 to 49 (normal 0-28)
Apr. 2005: CT Scan showed great improvement. Right breast tumor reduced from 20 to 18 cm. Another 7 cm distinct mass of the left breast is gone.
Sep. 2005: CA 15-3 further dropped to 40. Doing very well.
Oct . 2005: Right breast Tumor reduced from 18 cm to 15 cm and from 14 cm to 11 cm. No discrete mass in the left breast. Doctors conclude that "she is doing well both ymptomatically and her Tumor Marker is lower" now taking Anastrozole
Mar. 2006: Came back from a 3 months vacation. Blood test show excellent health. CA 15-3 is 47
Apr. 2006: She is living a very healthy life and taking only our very basic treatment.

Breast Cancer

45 years old female patient with Breast Cancer
Summary before our treatment
Nov. 2005: Ultrasound suspects tumor growth in the left breast Biopsy confirms Ductal Carcinoma
Jan. 2006: Re-excision of the right breast tumor (cancerous tissue) as the first surgery was not successful
Jan. 2006: Biopsy from the second time removed tissue confirmed as grade 2 Ductal Carcinoma. Patient is shaken, concerned and worried
After our treatment
Jan. 2006: Started our first month cancer treatment package along with chemotherapy.
Feb. 2006: Continued our treatment along with the chemotherapy.
Mar. 2006: She is doing great. Our treatment stopped but chemo continued.
Oct. 2006: Chemotherapy cycles were completed. She feels very healthy.
Nov. 06: Just to be on the safe side, Doctors suggested that the scarred and abnormal tissue should be removed. She has been put on Herceptin
Note: Our Cancer Treatment Protocol was taken in combination with chemotherapy by many patients and the results were very satisfactory. It Satisfactory results were also seen in patients where either chemotherapy failed or could not be given due to poor health.